Thursday, March 25, 2010


We have finally decided on the Convaid Cruiser.  Ordered from DNR wheels, who were kind enough to give us a good discount.  We decided not to ask the school for help because we need to be in school regularly to justify the application for financial aid to buy an equipment.  We haven't been attending school.

It's ok.  Scrimp and save, the Cruiser can be paid haha.  The Lord can provided :)

In any case, the Cruiser looks like this:

The order will take 6 weeks to arrive from USA.

I can't wait for Jonathan to have a good seat and thus able to get a better posture.  For me, the Cruiser will be easier to handle than the Rodeo we have at home.


Wishful Thinking said...

That looks a very styley chair Serene :-) Hope it's just as you expect when it arrives.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Rachel!

We tried the sample at the store that's why we decided on this model.

Yup...when it arrives, I really hope it's up to our expectation.