Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is my "back de-stresser"  haha.  Got this for $1 at the pasar malam {night market ... READ HERE} that was around here 2 weeks ago.  Whenever I feel the strain on my upper back, I'll just use this to relief the muscle.  But my lower back is still a little achy.  The pressing on the nerves still gives me a little numbing sensation on my legs.

Thank God it doesn't affect me that much.  Had to finish 8 birthday cards but finished these last month.  I've actually done 6 but didn't take photos of the rest.  But here are some.  I haven't printed the inserts yet.

Then made 350 bookmarks.  Print, laminate and cut.  Used the chomper for the rounded corners.  It was tough cos the chomper was more suitable with paper and not plastic.  So for some, I had to double punch.  One card 4 corners, double punched would be 8 corners.  With 350 bookmarks, that would be 2800 corners.  My right hand was pretty sore {even with breaks in between}.  LOL!  I think I have to invest in a heavy duty corner rounder soon.

So I have to get back to the momentum again....I need to work work work!!!

The only momentum I've yet to get going is getting Jonathan back to school :(

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