Thursday, July 01, 2010


Jonathan's tooth was loose last night.  I tried to pull it out but it just wouldn't budge.  Instead, it kind of pierced the gum and blood just wouldn't stop flowing.  I finally gave up and decided that leaving it to fall out on its own is the best.

And it did come off this afternoon.  While he was lying down on the mat, I saw blood coming out.  Opened his mouth and the tooth was missing.  Searched everywhere around him, no tooth.  Asked him many questions, no satisfied answers came out.  In the meantime, his hands and feet turned cold and pale.

I put my finger in his mouth but felt nothing.  Yet while he is lying down, he kept turning his face downwards, facing the mat.  I also kept hearing grinding sound.  Called H and he suggested I prop him up and check his mouth again.

Sat him up and then opened his mouth with my finger.  Told him that if the tooth was in the mouth, he has to use his tongue to push it out.  Suddenly, the tooth just popped out from his front tooth and out fell the baby tooth.  haha.


The funny thing was he was doing all he could, on his own, to allow the baby tooth to come out of his mouth when he couldn't do it with his hands.  That was smart.

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