Tuesday, December 21, 2010


and I will be until this Thursday.

Last minute orders from friends I know who wanted to print something for somebody.  And on top of that, I had to prepare for our family.

But I'm almost there.  Just when I thot I didn't have enough time to finish my tag cards this year, these are what I managed to mail out yesterday, hoping they will reach my family and friends before Christmas.

just grunge up the ribbon to make it look 3-D

I made a mess just doing these tag cards.  And because I was so busy, all of the presents were either unwrapped or put in envelopes which I later decorated (just a little) LOL!

Some nieces and nephews got personalised printed iPhone pouches from us.

And mine and Harith's brothers and sisters received 2 personalized printed wooden coasters.  My family has already gotten them.

Designed this shirt for my nephew whom I have not seen for a long time.  He loves motorbikes.  Hope he likes it.

My nephew Caleb and his friend Rob came over from Tennessee for a Singapore holiday and The Tan family had an early Christmas party.

Delicious food were served (Pig's Trotters)


Prawn Fritters and chicken rice chicken (bottom right):

and of course Olive's potato cutlet (love this!) and lots more food!

It was my turn to give out presents that the children were waiting for patiently
This is the tshirt I designed for Rob as a gift on behalf of the Tan family and he loved it.  Later I added his chinese name at the front.

So much for the Tan Family celebrations.  Come 25th we will have Harith's family and I have yet to finish their gifts!

But I also want to thank Make A Wish Singapore for giving Jonathan a special Don Moen CD that he loved.  One of the volunteers dropped by to give it to him and he was very excited.

On the other note, received a letter from Jonathan's school principal to say he's not eligible for Home Management Program, which is more for others with deteriorating conditions.  So we have decided to take him out of SCAS.  My one concern was informing the Ministry of Education (MOE) but I found out from the social worker that at age 13, it is not necessary to inform MOE.  So I'm at peace now :)

Thanks for visiting and here's wishing all my friends and blog readers a JOYOUS CHRISTMAS from us, the HO FAMILY!!

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