Saturday, April 02, 2011


I completed an order of 9 bookmarks in mid March.  I'm quite happy with the results and the friend who ordered them was really happy with them.

For the front, I got some free vector art from the web, incorporated them together with the verses that the friend wants for each student.  Laser printed them onto cardstock and laminated only this side.

For the back, I used assorted scrapbook pattern paper, cut out the names with my Pazzles Inspiration.  Then I created a 0.1cm path over the letters and thus gave them each a dark or white background.

As usual, my love for rick rack ribbons never ends.  My only mistake was putting glue on the paper instead of directly on the ribbon.  By applying glue onto the paper and then pasting the ribbon down, it spreads the glue and they ooze out, making the paper dirty.  I definitely will not use this method again!

So here are the completed bookmarks:

Note:  My all time favourite bookmark is Peter's.  It was tough initially but the Lord gave me the inspiration for that bookmark.  I only regretted using the odd fonts for Sain Chee's card.

And at the same time, I finished (finally!!!) the 2nd birthday card.

I used patterned paper and cardstock to cut out 4 circles using the Martha Stewart circle cutter.  Once they are cut, I folded them into halves and joined them to make it into a square card.  The flower was the lace ribbon that I bought earlier.

Sewed the 2 circles to using cross-stitch thread.  And put clear birthday stickers.

I've still have a few more birthday booklets to finish.  but in the meantime, I have to start working on another 10 bookmarks for the same friend.

Thanks for dropping by!

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