Sunday, April 10, 2011


Out of the blues, suddenly it just comes and stays throughout the whole night.

I'm talking about falling ill.  Jonathan started coughing and gagging in the evening yesterday and then it started.

He wasn't throwing up but when he coughs, it gets so bad that it causes the retching sensation and he starts gagging and throwing up.

Thankfully I had all the medication in the fridge.  I usually stock up and self medicate but if the situations worsen then it's a trip the doctor's.

He had a fitful sleep last night and I hardly caught a wink only to sleep for a couple of hours from 5am.

This morning, he woke up, I gave him the ventolin puff and he went back to sleep till 12pm which was good because both of us could rest.

He's better now, a little lethargic, but able to laugh at some wheel of fortune shows.  He's sitting on the Rodeo now and watching some classical music performance.

Thank you Lord for speedy recovery.


Busy Mummy said...

Dear serene,

Seems every other kid is down sick recently from toddlers to bigger kids.

Do take care of Jonathon and yourself too!!

God bless

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Ms Busy Mummy. Appreciate your encouragement and thanks for dropping by :)

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Kids being sick is horrible. Hugs to you all and hope he is all better soon, and you stay well too :)