Friday, April 01, 2011


Yup...again.  Jonathan woke up this morning with blocked nose at 6.30am.

He was scheduled for a dental check up today at NDCS.  I wasn't comfortable having him travel all the way to Tiong Bahru with the lack of rest.

This blocked nose has been persistent.  It clears after a dose of medication and a few days later, returns to bug him again.

Doc today said it's allergy.  He checked Jonathan's nose and said it's inflamed.  So now he's on Augmentin antibiotic because he's just recovered from pneumonia not long ago.  We need to "nip this in the bud" before it escalates.  Accumulated phlegm and secretion will attract bacteria.  Right now, only his big airways are noisy.

To prevent having watery stools due to the antibiotics, he also prescribed Lacteol Fort to counter irritable bowels syndrome.  That's what I give whenever he has loose stools or vomit episodes.  I was first introduced to this by one of Jonathan's ex-teacher.

Ever since after chinese new year, Jonathan had small rashes on his tummy, lower back and under arms.  When we were at the neuro appointment, I raised this issue and Dr W said they look like a type of allergy rash and prescribed antibiotic cream.  Today I asked Dr Ong and he said the same thing. But since our prince is already on antibiotics, he prescribed a stronger cream.  Hopefully with the allergy medication, the rashes will go away soon.

Tonight, his nose was slightly better.  Dr Ong mentioned that by Monday, everything should clear.

I hope this will be the last set of medication I will have to give him.

Thank you Lord for speedy recovery!

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