Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm just wondering why is it that Jonathan keeps having stuffy nose?  Maybe the house is too dusty with all the tshirts that I have for my printing, maybe the air is unclean, maybe his immunity is low?

Doctor said today that it's the environment.  To solve the problem complete, move to Perth or Melbourne.

I asked ... "how about USA?"  haha.

Yup...Jonathan's runny cum stuffy nose is back yet again.  It's frustrating.  Last night he slept and woke up a few times all because of the runny nose even though he was given Zyrtec before sleeping.

In the heat of my frustration of seeing him going through this, I gave him Piriton, which I wasn't supposed to.  but it did help him sleep till 10am.

Now he's on another dose of Augmentin.  doctor was saying it's really in the air.  Having air purifier doesn't help much because we don't want him to be in the enclosed room and then having problem when it comes to normal air.

So besides having Augmentin, he was prescribed Dhasalone (180mls to be completed) and Singular tablets that supposed to treat asthmatic patients to get rid of any sensitivity.

In 15 days' time after completing the Singular tablets, we have to go back for a review to see if the medication works.

Hoping that this time around, we can really get rid of this nose problem.

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May said...

it's in the air alright.

Daen is runny. Vera is runny. I am runny.

No one is really sick. Just runny and itchy noses.

I've started Zyrtec for them as well. wonder how long it'll take to show some effect.

hang in there! wish we could move to NZ...air is super pure there. The difference from sg air is unbelievable!