Monday, October 27, 2014


My special day started at 12 midnight on 19th. H placed his hand on my head and prayed a wonderful and nice prayer over me.

I'm grateful to my family. My love and my son. thank you for your unfailing love for me.
And so my day came and went and I'm reflective only now when the "day" has ended.
The first 20 years was of baby steps to youthful fun.

The next 7 years was of career, courtship and one step into marriage.
These past 21 years have been eventful...of married life, family life and back to trying to lead a life with passion.

Who would have thought that 48 years have passed by and I still think I'm the baby girl of my big happy family and a mother of a child with special needs, who laughs at my sometimes childishness, actually, most of the time.

I'm not shy to say I'm 48. Sometimes I look at others and i think "he/she is younger than me? and he/she is more mature than me!" hahaha. I'm thinking...I'm going to hit 50 in two years and I'm like....wake up kid!!! hahaha

I've seen life in birth, I've seen death occurred, I've seen mid life crisis in others and I've seen happiness in most. Although one brings joy and the other brings sadness, there's not telling when or where good or bad will happen.

So at 48, I've asked for health, wealth, happiness and long life. At 48, I seek to still improve my skills, dare to challenge myself in things I don't actually do all the time; and at life to the fullest no matter what.

Live a life...laugh in life...take pleasure in life. Don't be nasty...don't fret...don't criticize. Most of all, I try not to let the downs make me go downer, if there is such a word. But I shall let the downs bring me up, because the word "down", when read upside-down, starts with a U and ends with a P.


Easy to write and say but sometimes hard to achieve. Still I can tell's such a pleasure and elated feeling when you are able to do it. And I'm proud to say I have achieved some.
I moan and I groan when things don't go my way. Still acting like a big fat kid. I've got a long way to go in this area hahaha.

So at 48, a BIG AND HUGE thank you all my wonderful family and my dearest friends near and far. For all your best wishes of blessings and love and gifts. It's so nice to have a birthday and it's so nice to know that you are loved again and again every year.

And I'll always be reminded:

F or I have watched over you.
O ver all the years you have lived.
R edeemed by My Son's death at the cross.
T otally saved and given unmerited grace.
Y ou shall be blessed for I AM your blesser.
E ven though the valley is hard to travel,
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
G ood will turn out from the bad that you have experienced
H ope will become real.
T ake heart....because I will be there for you.


The next day, H bought me a cute little fan.  He said it will keep me cool while I work without turning on the air-con.  I love it!  USB plug and it's not too strong that gives me headache when blowing at my direction and yet, it does keep me cool.  It oscillates as well which is good.  Thanks dear!

Then my good friend and Unnie, Olive, gave me a nice paper bag with beautiful ribbons.  She knows I love ribbons and when she was in Vietnam, she bought these for me.  Thanks unnie! Too nice to use them! hahaha

Love to all and God bless everyone for reading this post of my journal :)

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