Monday, January 29, 2007


Jonathan is turning 10 soon. So fast. So soon. So how?

Haven't planned what to do for his birthday but I'm sure his friends will look foward to it.

Tomorrow he has class outing to Vivo City, take the special train into Sentosa. I wasn't keen but after asking Jonathan 3 times, he said he wants to go. So...tomorrow must wake up early....

About celebrating his birthday...what shall we bring for his classmates and friends?
1) Goody bag with toys and snacks?
2) Birthday cake only?
3) A MacDonald's meal?

What does Jonathan like to do for his birthday?

I asked him:
1) Celebrate birthday in class? .... NO
2) Do you want any present? .... NO
3) Buy birthday cake for you? .... NO

That's Jonathan. He always says he doesn't want presents, gifts, celebrations, etc. Helping mommy and daddy save money...haha. Looking forward to celebrate with his friends....Jonathan says no now but maybe when his birthday draws nearer, he will say yes....just maybe....

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