Sunday, January 28, 2007


You ask a friend how is she, her reply "Ok...why?"
You ask your husband what time he's coming back after work, his reply "why?"
You ask your sister how she's doing, her reply: "I'm fine...why?"

Why?!? Can't I ask you? I want to know how you have been doing, that's why I ask!!!!!!!

Why do people ask why? Why can't they just give a straight simple answer, without putting "why"?

Why don't they go...."I'm ok. Just a little busy right now" or "I'll be back at 7pm" or "I'm fine...everything's great, children are busy with school".

Why must there be a why?
Is it because they want to know the motive of your question?

I don't get it....of course when a question is asked, the "asker" normally expects more answers than just a one-word answer followed by a "Why?"

So...why...why...why? I just don't get it.

Maybe asking "Why" is the most straight forward answer. Instead of saying "What is it that you need to know?" or "What can I do for you?" can just straight away and ask "Why?". Or instead of typing so many words in the sms, simply put "Why?". I understand that sms-ing is a tedious process if you have alot of words. After all, sms is short message. Simplying typing "Y" is only pressing one key, rather than going through the whole keypad on the phone.

I don't know....

On the other hand, this "Why?" tells me, if there's nothing, don't bother me...haha...or...what would you like to know?

So the next time someone else asks you a question, be generous with your answer. Then put the "Why" in the end. Not greet the person straight away with a "Why? Maybe when you give the person a whole answer, they will stop asking you more questions....haha!!

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Anonymous said...

Yup... Absolutely agree... although sometimes im guilty of that too. *LAUGHING OUT LOUD*

I do admire children ... they are certainly more frank, honest and innocent as compared to adults!!