Monday, January 22, 2007


Parents are asking for more swimming time for their children. Monthly hydrotherapy is not enough. Weekly water in the jacuzzi is restricted. No space for movement, especially for children who are bigger in size. Big pool is better as children can exercise better and have more space. They say they are doing it for the sake of their children.

Jonathan has monthly hydrotherapy. I didn't think of asking for weekly swimming time for Jonathan and his classmates. True that swimming is good for them. If the previous school allows weekly swimming why can't the current school adopt the same plan? Isn't it a waste that a big swimming pool is under-utilized?

Consider the scenarios:
1) Big swimming pool hard to maintain
2) Children tend to poo inside when they haven't cleared the bowels.
3) Who will bear the cleaning charges.
4) Not enough therapists to go down with children if not during the hydrotherapy.
5) Who will take responsibility when there's an accident?
6) Risks involved, accident can happen.

Consider the other scenario:
1) Parents say willing to take responsibility for any risk.
2) They will go down with children in the pool so no need to have therapists.
3) It's difficult to bring children out to public swimming pool.
4) Children need more swimming time as it is good for their exercise regime.
5) If big pool hard to maintain, why build such a big one?

I'm for the fact that children do need more swimming time. Children exercise better during swimming and children get a good workout in the pool. So I understand the parents' views.

I'm also for the fact that school has rules and regulations that students and care-givers follow. We pay S$20 per month. We get all the therapies. We get more than we can get if we go to private therapies.

When I think about other special schools like MINDs, Katong Special Schools...they don't have indoor swimming pool. Do they still get swimming time? I'm sure there are some children who have walking difficulties although they can walk. much can we ask for? If I don't fight for the right to have more swimming time, does that mean I don't think about the children's welfare? When the parents say they are doing it for the sake of their children, what am I doing for Jonathan? Don't I think for him? But then again, if I don't fight for the parents, what kind of parent rep am I?

Parents asked me not to mention names when I meet the people in charge. But if the meeting is not successful, then a petition will be written as per the request of the parents. Then their names will be revealed. So there's no win-win situation. Either one has to give way and I'm sure it's not going to be the parents.

So....the headache lies with me....the bearer of the parents' woes. Trying to fight for the rights of the children, and at the same time, don't step on the school's toes.

Nothing is enough for everybody. But somehow or rather, one of us have to give in. Compromise...that's what i hope will happen.

So help me I doing enough?

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Aunty Raine ;) said...

Poor you :( ... It's not easy to be the middle guy huh?? Well, fyi... Rainer is in MINDS... they do not have a pool neither to say a BIG one! Lucky you ;) But they do have swimming session alternate weeks (starting aft CNY) in the public pool... then again, the students in MINDS are mobile... Maybe, u guys can come with a compromise... not weekly but alternate weeks??? But for us parents at MINDS, we have to pay for our entrance to the pool even if we are not in the pool with the kids!