Thursday, January 31, 2008


Jonathan's note to Teacher Eslin

Also for the same friend but this time, a booklet containing all the notes of farwell, well-wishes and encouragements from teachers, students, etc to Teacher Eslin whose last day is today.
Used the zutter chipboard, craft punch, zutter o-wires (1"), blings, Match Makers textured strips, K Marcella Papers, stockcard, adhesive lace, floral sticky tapes, Celebrate ribbons and anything I can think of to decorate the pages, KK plastic letterings and Heidi Swapp chipboard self-adhesive alphabets.
I printed the shape of letter "e" to symbolise Eslin. Then pasted it over with floral paper. My initial intention was to just put the "e" as the cover, then realised I couldn't fasten the covers with just the "e". So I decided to make another set of covers.
I ran out of zutter chipboard covers. The shops here didn't have 8X8 covers. So I used ordinary chipboard. Put the ribbon between 2 of the chipboards so I didn't have to punch holes to hold the ribbons.
But was a major mistake. The Zutter bind-it-all doesn't allow anything thicker than their own Zutter chipboard covers. So I had to manually use my heavyduty eyelet puncher to cut holes for the o-wires. You can see at the binding area there are scratches and I thot just leave it then Teacher Eslin will cherish it more and be reminded how much work has been put in it...haha!
I could have punched more holes and make the binding longer but didn't do it 'cos I was running out of time.
I wish I had a bigger size o-wires. I only got my 1" size wires that I got from a good friend. Should have bought a bigger size wire. As you can see...the book covers are not able to close properly. But still the book holds pretty well. I"m quite happy with the outcome.


Sally said...

Nice Job, Bie. You should start selling personalized stationary or gift items.

chowchow said...

Nice job - now you can start making albums etc for people and hopefully branch out from there to have a little Etsy shop...

kitkat said...

This is lovely!! Love the colours and how the whole album is put together.