Sunday, January 13, 2008


I couldn't resist taking this picture. After doing his math worksheep in class, Jonathan sat this way. Don't know if it was on his own or it just happens that his legs were crossed after his involuntary movement. But I would like to believe he did it on his own.

His classmate KW said "wah...Jonathan kiao kah!". Just like a small towkay...LOL!

Noticed the mark on his right shin? Don't know how it got there. Today I saw another mark on the left leg as well. Both have turned blue-black. I think he kicked his legs against the when during one of the involuntary movements.

Teacher said they will allow me to be in class only during periods where I'm really math, PE, art, recess. She will let me take a break during English cos everyone is doing the same level for that subject. I've requested for him to be assessed for assistive technology (communication device).

Lately he's been making so much "L" sounds. I'm praying for the day he will start talking. He's enjoying it so much sometimes out of the blues, he will be pushing his tongue out and in and making "ah ler" sounds. I always tease him..."where is your ah ler ah ler"...haha. Maybe one day, he will progress to other consonents.

I believe he will...

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