Tuesday, January 22, 2008


the tiny man in the center is H

Behind Jon is the large tanker...the tide was high

Wasn't feeling too good. H suggested taking a walk at Changi Beach.

The sky was clear, no sunshine. The tide was high and breeze very strong. It was a good walk. Even Jon who doesn't really like to go there, said he liked it today. We had breakfast then went for a walk along the beach. I wanted to collect shells so H helped me. Amongst the things we saw on the seashore were empty plastic bottles, seaweeds, shells, and a used condom...haha.

That spoiled the scene...haha.

Anyway, it was refreshing to be at the beach where there was hardly anyone around. I liked it. Glad I took H's advice. Felt so much better later.

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chowchow said...

OOoooohhh... nice walk on the beach... Jon looks so happy. Sometimes some fresh air does wonders. I am looking forward to my Perth trip - lots of fresh air by the beach...

Used condom on the beach??? OMG - thats totally not on - what are these pp thinking? Hygiene people... Its bad ewnough to have sex out in teh open - you can even dispose your condom after the deed??? Yucks!!!