Saturday, April 05, 2008


An update from the blog tuition (although I'm always late for school and they have to start with their Teacher Assistant).

The boys are doing great! They have started posting in their blogs and seems to enjoy it (I hope! haha).

This week, we revised recreating the blog, which they did on their own accord without my help, either in school or from home. That's great! I'm glad they are getting the hang of it.

This week, I'm going to show them how to upload their own photographs into the blog and create their profiles. So I hope teacher LK will give me their photos soon! hint!! hint!!

To view one of the boy's blog, go to It's written in chinese and not completed yet because of his hand function but he's getting there. Kin Yong was the boy who appeared in the newspaper with his sister when they were strucked with a mysterious disease. Their parents sought help through the chinese papers and many goodwilled Singaporeans came forward to help. They finally found a relief of their condition through treatment in Taiwan and are now able to control their bodily functions better.

It's a touching account although Kin Yong has not finished it completely as he needs time to type bit by bit. But I hope his blog posts will generate more awareness for people with special needs, at the same time help him to move forward (like what his teacher hopes to achieve).

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Nicole said...

Hey Serene,

That was a great job getting them to blog. Read KY's blog and methinks its fantastic. Makes me wonder if we can actually get a collection of their works and publish it! Hmmm, how about calling it "Voice of the Unheard Voice"? If so, then u must absolutely do the cover design!