Saturday, April 26, 2008


Last Sunday, Jonathan started retching badly. This time more than the usual where medication couldn't stop it. Brought him to KK A&E. Doc gave him medication to stop throwing up (which he did immediately) than ordered for glucose to be fed to him every 15 minutes half hour after taking the anti-vomit medication. Instruction from doc: There has to be no retching after feeding at least for 4 times.

First 30ml feed was done while he was sitting up. No problem. Next feed done while lying down (threw up). 3rd feed done lying down (threw up). Last feed done sitting on my lap (no problem).

We also had to collect urine. Since he was on diapers it was difficult to coax him to urinate so a bag was placed. Thank God we checked on time cos the tape opened up and there was little urine left and also because of his low intake of water, it took a long time. But thank God the little amount of urine collected was sufficient for a test. No virus detected and all else are normal. Praise the Lord!

This retching has been going since late last year but intensified after chinese new year. My first suspicion was the fundoplication that might have loosen causing Jonathan to reflux.

Thankfully towards 8pm, he kind of stopped retching heavily. So appointment made to see the surgeon who did the feeding button.

We saw Dr Chui on Friday (yesterday) and he asked me many questions about Jonathan's condition: how often does he retch, how much comes out, what color, any pain, etc.

He said since the retching doesn't occur so consistently, there's nothing to worry about. The only way to find out if the fundoplicationi has come loose is to do a barium swallow test. Normally I'm very hesitant to do this swallow test cos it's not accurate at all. The kids cry and are scared and they don't swallow well. But since Jonathan can be fed through the button, we can do it that way. Phew!!!

The whole idea is to put the barium in see if it goes up to the opening of the stomach. He's not keen on surgical way so he prescribed Domperidone and Ranitidine for two weeks. They are small dosages. One of them makes him a little drowsy though.

Everytime when I see him cough or gag on his saliva, I will ask him so many questions that sometimes he will either take his own sweet time! to answer me or look away. He must be thinking mummy very lor-sor! hahaha!

He's been very happy these last few days. I hope it's the end of this phase and from now good health will follow. Thank you Abba Father!

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