Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I prepped Jonathan this morning. Didn't want to do it last night fearing he might not want to sleep. When he got up this morning at 9am, he got the >NNEEEWWSS<.

"Jonathan....you have appointment with the dentist today." No reaction.
"Will you be brave and open your mouth for the doctor?" "Yes".

Prayed over him and we left.

National Dental Centre...just next to the Health Promotion Board is quiet during schooling days, except for a few teenagers and some adults. 6th floor is where the pediatric dentist is located for special needs children. We only waited 10 minutes for our appointment.

Dr Toh...a very nice lady who attended to Jonathan. He allowed her to pry open his mouth and let her count all his teeth from the outside. She recited the numbers D35, M16, etc to her nurse who quickly jotted them down without looking up, lest she missed something.

The biggest obstacle was for Jonathan to open his mouth so Dr Toh could push a piece of wedge between his teeth. That was the most difficult despite the coaxing. In the end, she was satisfied with the initial check but told me that his baby molars will start dropping between now and 13 years old. She's not keen to do a general anaesthetic cleaning because she wants to wait until some of the molars are showing signs of dropping then when they do a major scaling, she can remove the shaky ones. The last major cleaning we did was in December 2006.

Since Jonathan doesn't eat by mouth, the time for his molars to drop will probably be extended but that's fine by me.

She advised that fluoride toothpaste is still the best because it not only cleans but protects the teeth too. So it's better to alternate between the natural toothpaste. She's not concern about his teeth being slightly yellow (due to the switch to natural toothpaste). All we need is a tooth whitening toothpaste and it will help remove some of the yellow stains.

She said she's seen worst teeth than Jonathans :)

Jonathan got a sticker for his bravery. And the funniest part....he was so quick to wave goodbye when I told him to, something that will take a few promptings from me if he's waving to others around him.

So that's the dental visit. Next visit...April 2009. Paid S$8. Which is fine compared to my friend who paid S$70 for a check at KK Hospital. With cab fare, it's still cheaper. And on top of that, we went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to feed Jonathan and had lunch and a walk around. Jonathan loves buildings and there was loads of them along the road at Tiong Bahru. It was a treat for him.

We took a train to Marina Square for a short walk and took a cab home.


Chowchow said...

Well done Jon - you are a brave boy...

Serene Ho said...

Ya I'm so proud of him. He's getting better with each visit. TFR!