Sunday, October 26, 2008


Picture is a blurry because of the constant bouncing we were doing then.

Jonathan loves the big exercise ball. I try to put him on it whenever I can .. AND .. only when H is at home. He will help me carry Jonathan onto the ball cos this boy gets all excited even before he gets on it! He will wriggling with excitement and carrying him then will be a tough one for me! LOL!

What do we do? I let him lie down facing up and roll the ball back and forth, each time landing on his feet and bearing weight for a few seconds, repeating this a few times.

The next thing we do is turn him on his tummy {ie picture above}. This is to exercise his neck. I do a little bouncing so that when he holds his head up, he will use his neck muscles to keep this position. After that, I will roll the ball forward and with all the blood rushing to his head...ask him to raise his head again.

I don't do this ball exercise for a long period of time. After 10 minutes, it's time to come down cos my back cannot take it :0! Mummy needs more exercise too!

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