Monday, October 06, 2008


It's not good falling sick. This is one of the bad flu I have ever had and 4 days into my flu, Jonathan caught it again after just recovering. Thank God this time I'm prepared with his medication and it was arrested before becoming bad. He's ok now except for stuffy nose. Gave him Illiadyn {nose drop} prescribed by GP last night and side effects appeared. He was so phlegmy that it took him a while before clearing his throat and going to sleep. He was so tired and so was I.

I had to have double dose of antibiotics to clear this flu and it's driving my body system crazy!

I'm just thankful that we are on the road to recovery :)

I hope to return to school soon for Jonathan. He's got 2 assessment coming up but I've asked for him to be excused.

I've been struggling Jonathan's educational issue for a while now. Although I'm quite peaceful about what God has shown me earlier...somehow I keep feeling that I'm letting Jonathan down by not allowing him a chance of proper academic education.

I regret not working hard enough for him. There....that's the truth!

Spoken to VP and Teacher about the situation and Ms Go said we will have to meet to see which is the best and ideal program for Jonathan...although she feels that the other programs are not so suitable cos he's higher cognitively.

We'll see...Abba Father...I need your wisdom.

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