Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Made a bold move and order some scrapbooking materials from twopeasinabucket.com. They arrived on Thursday 2 Oct afternoon.

The chipboards were on sale big time and I wanted to get the scallop, star and heart shapes that were not available in the local stores here.

So with the help of Er Jieh {2nd sister} from USA, I embarked on this journey...LOL...and at the same time...included some really nice pattern paper that were going for US0.50cents. Got it mailed to my Er Jieh and then she redirected the parcel to me.

My Er Jieh is an excellent packer. She put all the chipboard tags into individual ziploc bags so they will not get wet! Great thinking sis! All the years of travelling to Singapore with loads of goodies really put into good use! haha!

Total number of items: 31 pcs (chipboard tags, papers, tag and stickers)

Also....everything was far cheaper than buying them here.

Amount saved : $20 {Singapore dollars}....compared to prices at our local stores here.

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