Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jonathan and I took an afternoon stroll 2 days ago while daddy was at work. I enjoy taking pictures of Jonathan ... mostly on his buggy cos that's as much as I can take of him. When he starts to walk and play on his own ... that's when the pictures will increase :)

His eyes ... still puffy from his constant rubbing. He says it's not itchiness. I don't know what it is then. Praying that this phase will stop.

From the face to the hands. Love his long fingers. They were created to play musical instruments.

There he is again ... rubbing his eyes. He rotates this action. First right eye, then left eye. Funnily he doesn't rub his eyes that much when he's lying on his mat.

Seems like so "shiok!" to rub and rub ... LOL!

After finishing his rubbing ... looking so serious. See his eyebrows ...

The sky was clear that afternoon. Enjoyed the strong breeze.

With this look .. it was time to head home.

He loves to cross his legs nowadays.

The "siow kao" ... haha. Mad dog that barks whenever someone walks pass. The dog owners hardly tells it to shut up! Strange that it doesn't bark at us but all the other malay neighbours staying after their house ... LOL!

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Nicole - the eagle lover said...

Hey, I really like these series of photos. Nice!