Friday, August 07, 2009


This morning while carrying Jonathan, I strained the left muscle of my upper back. Took me a while to breathe properly. For the first few seconds, I was trying to take deep breaths!

The strain is not so bad now and I'm feeling much better.

Jonathan has certainly grown taller. The other day we bought a weighing machine and he weighs 20kg. Although probably not his ideal weight right now {well ... he was not in the pink of health last month} so I'm waiting for his next appointment with the neurologist and see how he fairs then perhaps get him to see the dietitian again.

It's only midday....I still have 10 hours to go before bedtime and I'm already feeling sleepy. Jonathan didn't sleep well last night.

Happy Friday everybody!

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May said...

oh no...yes we are getting old...can't carry heavy loads strain on our spines...ah the sacrifice of mothers!

hope it is not serious and you are better.