Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday morning was at McDonalds for breakfast with Harith before he went out. Bumped into a lady who was also having breakfast with her kid. Thot she was on leave but told me her kid was not well and given 10 days medical leave.

This special leave is due to H1N1. While talking to her, her kid was coughing away.

Then it got me thinking ... if your child has been given 10 days MC, shouldn't you be staying at home instead of bringing her to McDonald's where there are lots of people?

Then again ... who wouldn't want to brighten the child's day by going there?

Sigh ....

So ... on a sad note, we went back to school today say "bye-bye" to Irfanuddin. Jonathan's classmate is leaving Singapore for Johor with his family, to make Johor his residence. His last day in school was today. Sad. while shaking his hands, I told him, "If anyone ask you to go bang bang or smoke, say don't want!" and I advised him to eat healthy and study hard. I hope the special school there will be good for him and he will be successful in his education. then we asked him for his email address.

We didn't stay long. I don't like goodbyes. If we stayed any longer I would be teary.

So off we went to deliver this couple's tshirt to Lee Choo, who just happened to stay behind Jonathan's school.

I know I'm not really supposed to show this just in case it gets noticed by the couple. But never mind. They don't even know my blog exists! LOL!

Side-by-side tshirts, I call them. "Just ... Delivered" was supposed to celebrate the birth of their son.

For the dad's shirt, JUST in front. Back says "became Zachary's daddy on ...." I purposely did this so that when they wear the shirts inidividually, at least it makes sense!

This goes for the mummy's shirt too. In front "Delivered". Back of shirt says "Zachary..." sort of like a continuation from the front. Hope they like the shirts!

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