Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We are doing the trial period ... wait and see game with the chinese traditional herbs.

Last week's review was good. Got the modified prescription and a few days before Sunday 9th August, he started having diarrhoea.

Yesterday went back to the doctor for review. Told her about the problem and she said I should have let the diarrhoea run instead of stopping it. that is to clear the heatiness in the body and clear his intestines since he had constipation. could I let Jonathan go through this stage cos it's really uncomfortable. But she was nice and decided to change the herbal prescription as close to the first set as possible.

You cannot return the powdered herbs. So we have to get a new set.

Today, Jonathan is on porridge water diet and pedialyte. This will at least soothe his tummy and let his intestines rest. Doctor advised to stop the herbs first until he's much better then review again next week.

Western medication is ... see treat and get immediate results. With chinese herbs, it's a slow process and results can be seen only after a period of time. But from my friends who have their children on herbs, they say that results are always good.

So I will wait ... be patient ... be positive.

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