Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Jonathan went for review today. We were supposed to go after the first 5 days of herbal treatment but the chinese doctor was not on duty.

So after registering, we went to Wang's Cafe for breakfast, tea and coffee while waiting for other patients. After 2 patients we saw the sin seh. She checked his pulse, eyes, mouth and said that his condition is improved. Not so pale now.

Although there are times when he's hands and feet still pale a little, it's not that often anymore. The chilly feeling has lessened.

I told her that each time after he takes the herbs, he will feel sleepy. She said that's normal. the herbs does make him relax and not so agitated and hyper.

So she modified the herbs a little and told us to see her again next Wednesday.

The one thing good about this herbs is that should we need to give Jonathan western medication {like we had to on Saturday cos he came down with flu}, we can wait for more than 2 hours before giving him the herbs again.

Thank God the herbs can be put through the feeding button...I wouldn't think he will drink this bitter herbs :-)

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