Friday, January 29, 2010


The "thank-you" card that I made for Make A Wish Foundation.

The poster they did for Jonathan.

The goody bags he received

Playing a game.  To build a line as long as we can using any objects.  Jonathan and his old buggy was the starting point.  We also took off his shoes :)

The magician to entertain everyone.

Gift presentation and photo taking.

The boy on Jonathan's right had a motorised wheelchair.

Jonathan using his new chair at home.  Yes...he managed to cross his legs :)

The bath chair that was given to Jonathan by close friends who found out that this could not be in the wish list of Make A Wish (which is ok cos I'm thankful for the tilt chair already).  He thought it was a comfy recliner for him to use while watching TV! haha
As I mentioned earlier in the POST a few days ago, I'm thankful to God for my friends who took it upon themselves to buy this bath chair for Jonathan.  God bless them abundantly!

And thanks to Make A Wish for a stella party!  The volunteers and service they provided was impeccable!


Wishful Thinking said...

Hehehee J looks very comfortable in his new chair :-) Looks easy to push to! Yes you do have wonderful friends getting him a bath chair. That's awesome.

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

wah look at that cross leg! Looks like a big boss...i am glad your friends are as generous as you! luv

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Rachel & Val! He really enjoys sitting on this chair cos it gives him better support than the buggy. But it's super heavy! haha. Even my brother said so when he came by this afternoon. We need a van now! LOL!