Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Follow up from my last post about DEPRIVED SLEEP.

Jonathan woke up at 5.30am and as usual, his eyes darting around.  Last night I decided to leave the air-condition on  (I usually turn it off around 4am) the whole night just in case.  He woke up with cold hands and feet and I turned off the air-con since I could hear the birds chirping at a distance.  After giving him some warm milk, we went back to sleep around 7am.

Then I got a call from NEA Officer at 9.30 who apologized profusely for the early call.  I must have sounded so bad cos the phone call woke me up :)

He asked if I could see what type of birds that were on the tree.  This particular tree has large leaves so it's difficult to catch where the birds are.  He continued to explain the birds were probably migratory birds so there's really nothing they can do because culling of birds is restricted to only crows and pigeons.

This morning the whistling bird wasn't here (just the chirping ones) ... phew ... Most likely decided to move out of it's current abode.

I told the officer I'll keep observing and he suggested that I call the NParks should the birds return because they can better advice me on what to do.

Don't you think it's funny that whenever help comes, the problem solves by itself?  Well...I thank God for answering my prayer.

I hope Jonathan will not wake up at 5am again!

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