Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a while since Jonathan visited my mum.  It's either we can't make it or Jonathan just doesn't want to go out.

But thursday last week {17 June 10}, since he was in a good mood, we decided to bring him out without telling him where we were going.  That usually does the trick.

We went for brunch at Century Square and then bought some Shanghai paos to mom's as a treat for them.  Sally was home with mum today while the kids and Uncle Kevin went for bike riding.

The first thing my mum said when she saw Jonathan was calling his chinese name "Kai Ming".  My heart leaped.  She always has a soft spot for Jonathan.  She always encourages Jonathan whenever she sees him.  Urging him to come to her, walking to her, talk to her.  Jonathan loves my mum too.  When she's around he will either extends his hand to shake hers or give a wide grin.
Took these photos with my handphone.

Mum even recite the numbers for him both in English (that surprised me) and in Teochew dialect.

Her English version :  "one, two, three, pour, pive, sik, lehle". haha.  She couldn't say seven.  That was just too cute.

I'm glad we could bring Jonathan to see my mum and meet Sally.

While we're there, Favor and Mercy were exploring Jonathan's buggy.  I think Favor was all ready to jump onto the seat for a cozy snooze...haha.

And here's Jonathan patting one of them.

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