Thursday, June 03, 2010


This is written by a mother who sees through her child with special needs.  So apt ...


I'm a child with special needs
I didn't asked to be like this
But it had to happen
And for now that's what I'll be

On days that are good
I get to go to school
On days that are bad
I fall sick ... that's a crap!

My mum is my playmate
My dad is my muse
I have no one else to play with
Cos nobody knows how to

I don't speak a word
Just vowel sounds I make
No one understands what I say
Only with mom and dad, I can communicate

I don't want to be in big crowds
Cos' I get lost in their presence
Most times I sit by myself
Entertaining my own thoughts and wishes

I wish to join in the fun
But limitations stop me from having them
I don't like to restrict others
And I don't want to be a burden

Most times I do it
So mum and dad will be happy
But I'd rather be home
Where I will be relaxed and at ease

I'd rather stay at home
With my TV or computer
I'd rather spend time at home
Where I don't have to bother others

I hope to speak one day
But I really don't know when
I hope that someday I can stand
And be as tall as all my friends

Maybe then I will have friends
Who think it's worth the time to spend with me
Maybe then I will achieve
What mum and dad had hopes for in the beginning

But for now I will still be
A child with special needs
Someday the Lord will restore me
And cause my brain to function normally

I await this day
When I will start speaking words
To people and friends on the streets
And my aunties, uncles and cousins

Lord don't forget me
I'm still waiting for You
I will keep praying
And believe in You too!

In the meantime dear Lord
Keep my mum and dad happy
Cos I know they are hurting
They just wouldn't say

When I am whole someday
This I will hope
And most of all dear Lord
That your glory be shown

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