Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was deprived of sleep this morning until after 8am when Jonathan and I managed to catch a 4-hour shut-eye.

Jonathan woke up at 4.30am just as I was about to go to sleep.  For some reason I couldn't sleep and decided to watch the world cup between Italy and Paraguay online.  In between the game, Jonathan was fidgety and kept waking up and going back to sleep.

By 4.30am, his eyes were wide open.  Even though I could see he was tired, he just couldn't go back to sleep.  He kept looking around the room, seemingly watching out for something.

Then it started ....

First one chirping sound, then a couple.  By 5am, there were a few birds chirping.

Good...still no sound from the loud one.

Then suddenly ... a loud whistle.  Jonathan jolted in fright.  He darted his eyes around the dark room.  I could see he was about to cry.  This particular bird has been making appearances everywhere with its loud whistle-type call.

Then the all chirping sound stopped.  Obviously he wasn't about to go back to sleep so I offered him some hot milk.  He readily agreed.  But while I was preparing the milk in the kitchen, he kept calling out to me.  Thankfully, he was able to peep through the door to my direction and better still, the loud whistling bird didn't make any sound.

Gave him this milk, changed his diaper and still he couldn't go back to sleep.  Then the chirping started again.

To redirect his attention, I turned on some gospel music and that helped.  Yet he was still unable to sleep.  I tried to close my eyes for a few minutes each time all the while keeping an eye on him.

By 8am, I got a call from HDB saying they are coming to inspect the leak in our master bedroom.  The little boy's eyes were so puffy...you would think he had a punch on his face.  He came to me while I was seated on his bed.  I picked him up in a hug and his eyes closed immediately.

This is the first time that both of us got up at 12.30pm today.  He still look a little tired but at least he could go back to sleep for a while and hopefully...this will not be repeated tonight.

The birds are perched on the tree that's right in front of his room.  Their chirping has been disturbing Jonathan for the past week already, waking him at 6-7am.  Even though the window is closed and the air-condition turned on, their chirping sound still pierce through.

As much as I like nature, I hate that they are disturbing our sleep.  May they find another abode soon.

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