Monday, October 25, 2010


How does one celebrate birthdays?

As you grow older, celebrations with friends and family take a back seat.  What's important is that you have your own closest family with you.  In my case, Harith and Jonathan.

19 October, I received wishes, blessings and greetings from loved ones, family members and friends.  Thank you all for remembering.

I turned 44.

On that day, besides needing to go town to collect my printing materials, we decided to bring Jonathan to town.

This is what I had to pick up:  Flex and printed order for Jonathan's school Scouts Camp

To make these flags:

The weather was cool, albeit slight drizzle that changed to rain, we were able to accomplish my errand and took a walk at City Hall basement shopping/food area because Jonathan liked it there.

After we picked up my stuff, we went to the Royal Hotel Queens for where we know we will probably be the only ones there having their really simple and cheap buffet lunch.  The food wasn't that great, although they had bitter guord cooked with tofu (which is one of my favourites).  But the place was good for us.  No staring eyes on Jonathan, just us, peaceful and quiet, taking our time to savour the simple meal.

See...we had the whole restaurant to ourselves :)

After our meal, we walked across to the National Library to give Jonathan his lunch then proceeded to City Hall.

Since we were there, I spent some time at Paper Market (local scrapbook store).  Wanted to get some Christmas papers anyway and bought these:

I got 25% off for buying 20 sheets of Christmas pattern papers (any brands)

Got 30% off for any 2 Christmas accents or die cuts or other elements.

I'm happy with my purchases.  Not starting to make cards yet.  Been busy.

Then 2 days ago, I decided that I was going to treat myself by printing a shirt for me!  LOL!
Actually, I also wanted to try the new orange flex on a dark shirt.

So my birthday came and went and everything was back to routine.  But I'm glad we could bring Jonathan to town without him fall sick.  Thank you Jesus :)

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Wishful Thinking said...

Days are always good when things go well :-) Glad you had a nice birthday Serene. Nice too that you got to get some scrapbook stuff for Christmas Cards! I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet ... have to pull finger and get Samuel's baby thankyou's done! (I keep putting it off! smack hand!)
Like the orange on your tee! Looks good.