Sunday, October 24, 2010


Tonight, at 11pm, Jonathan bled at the mouth after I brushed his teeth.

I thought he had bitten his lip again.  But the blood continued to flow.

So armed with a small torch light, I proceeded to check his mouth and found that his tooth was loose (the same one that I mentioned HERE).  It was shaky to the touch and his gum was sore and reddish.

Jonathan kept pushing it with his tongue.  I asked if he wanted it out and he said yes.

So i proceeded to pull the tooth out.  While doing that, my hand was trembling. I have no guts when it comes to this.  His two front tooth were removed by the school nurse and I was so afraid to hurt him.

With him sitting on Harith's lap was also another concern for me because he is not secure.

The tooth was stuck.  I couldn't and didn't want to yank it out fearing pain.  So I stopped and asked Jonathan if he was hurting.  He said no and still wanted the tooth out.

So after a quick prayer, I pushed it outwards and the tooth came off together with free flow of blood.  I took gauze and ran to the kitchen for an ice cube.

Seconds later, the blood stopped flowing and minutes later, he told me it doesn't hurt.

I'm glad the tooth came out before he went to sleep.  I was eying the same tooth a couple of days ago wondering when it was gonna come out.

Well, at least it's not bothering him anymore.

Thank God Jonathan has high threshold of pain.  He was braver than me ... that's for sure! haha

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Wishful Thinking said...

Ummm think he's braver than me too!!