Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Maybe there is, depending on how you see it.

I've lost my voice.  It was quite bad yesterday.  And I notice some people sort of avoiding me so as not to catch my flu.  I don't have runny nose.  Just that my tonsils are as huge as big fish balls.

When I talked to others, the first they blame is the weather.  So does the weather really have any contribution to the flu that people catch?  I don't know.  I blame the food I eat.  haha.  Actually I blame ME for putting the food down my throat that I know are potentially "heaty". I am trying to talk to Jonathan and the voice just wouldn't amplify.  In the end I had to ask Harith to repeat my instructions, which of course, was answered with a quick response from my prince.

I'm avoiding as many close contact as I can with Jonathan.  And I've used up all my masks.  But thank God, he's been ok.  And that I don't cough so much does help in a way.

Here's wishing anyone out there who is ill .. SPEEDY RECOVERY!

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