Thursday, February 24, 2011


I wrote a short para HERE that we have decided to take Jonathan out of school.  Yup...a permanent holiday for him and me.  No more stress about going to school.  But a new set of "stress" of what should I do with him now that we are 24/7 at home.

Right now ... it's youtube and television, music and outdoor walks.
Right now ... no therapy, no work for him.
Right now ... I will lie down next to him any time of the day, talk to him, sing to him, sign to him, hug him, hear him sing, hear him talk to me, feel him close to me, let his head rest on my shoulder, feel his hands on my face, his hands holding mine, his feet kicking me.  This is the biggest PLUS point of staying at home.

I'm taking a long break.  Which to some others ... THAT'S NOT GOOD!

I'm taking my time.  Which to some others ... THAT'S NOT GOOD!

Bumped into a parent from the school who felt that I was making the wrong decision of letting Jonathan stay at home.  With her loud voice at the store, she said "you must let him go for therapy!  Or else ah, he will become lazy! I cannot tahan if my child don't go to school.  I need my free time.  You everyday stay at home with him you can tahan meh?"

I smiled.  I know she means well in her own words.  But I don't need to repeat the reasons for my withdrawing Jonathan.  My close circle of family and friends know what Jonathan had to go through each time we embark on the journey to Pasir Ris.  So that's enough for me.

So the next time another parent asks my why?  I'll just say "He needs to stay at home".  Full stop.

He still has another 4 years of school if I decide to let him go back.  Most likely not.  But then again ... you'll never know what the Lord has in store for him.

A friend has given me a communication program to work with Jonathan but I haven't explored the software yet.

And for the time being ... I need to get my child into therapy.  Wake up Bie.  It's time to move!

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