Friday, February 25, 2011


or should I say "Good morning!" my visitors?  It's Friday 3.25am.

I'm not sleepy...don't know why.  Still on antibiotics (Augmentin this time) and sleepy medication.  But I still can't sleep.  I guess the work that I have to finish for a customer is pumping my adrenalin.

I totally lost track of time!  the couple has ordered 10 pcs of polos for their bridal entourage and their wedding is on the 6th of March.  I kept thinking there's another week before their wedding until we met tonight to confirm the shirts and design that I realised I have exactly 4 days to finish the work.  Yup!  4 days to order the shirts, buy my printing materials, cut, press, pack and for them to pick up by Thursday.

Thankfully Harith is here to help with get the materials that I need.  It's hard cos Jonathan has just recovered from his lung infection and I don't want to leave him at home alone with his daddy because both of them will be having fun watching Wheel of Fortune and Jonathan will get all excited and that will start up the phlegm again.  LOL.

Hey!  I must tell you about this guy whom I found online.  While googling for hoodies, I chanced upon his blog.  He's name is Jit and he's a sketch artist and I must say he's really good.  You can see his sketches HERE.   Wow...I wish I can sketch like that.  Doodling doesn't count does it?  haha.  I just LOVE caricatures!  And you can pay him to do a caricature for you too.  Well...enjoy his work.  It's really great :)

Maybe I should just turn off the computer and go to bed.  Or I'll watch a little K-drama just so that I'll slowly drift off to sweet slumber. haha.

Thanks for dropping by!  Good morning Singapore!

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