Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was ill last week and the cough just wouldn't go away.  But then again...my tonsils were so badly swollen that even swallowing my saliva was painful.

Then it hit Jonathan.  He came down with blocked nose then escalated to infected lungs.  With all the chest physio and Ventolin inhalant treatment, and thankfully, after 3 days of antibiotics, the doctor said his lungs are all clear.  But we still have to nurse his blocked and sometimes runny nose that is slowly recovering.

Thank you Lord for his speedy recovery.

One of the treatments that we have learned since Jonathan was 3 years old, was introduced by a GP who felt that giving Ventolin orally wasn't good for Jonathan's body.  She explained that taking oral Ventolin not only helps to clear the respiratory tract and lungs, but also affect other parts of the body.

She was right.  Whenever Jonathan took Ventolin orally, he became so hyper that sleeping at night was difficult.  She recommended we use the Ventolin inhalant.  But because he was too young and didn't know how to inhale from the puffer, she got us the aerochamber.
So we have been using this apparatus for a long time.  We tried the nebulizer machine once but he didn't like it because of the weerrriing sound it makes and it doesn't really help clear his lungs.  By using the aerochamber, the Ventolin goes directly into his respiratory tract and lungs because the mask is cupped over his nose and mouth and he just needs to breath in and out.  Against oral Ventolin, this is a better option and doesn't affect his whole body.

This is how the aerochamber works:

The price of this aerochamber being sold at our local pharmacy is probably $50 (or more ... I can't recall).

I'm thankful for all the GP doctors that Jonathan has seen has seen so far because they provided the best solutions.  Thank you Lord for leading us to them :)

Hope the above information will be able to help anyone who reads this blog post.

God bless you and your children with good health!


Busy Mummy said...

Dear serene, thanks for enlightening us on d effects of oral ventolin versus d chamber administered one...

As a parent of a premature child who uses this chamber, I m grateful for the knowledge u given.

God bless u n yr family with gd health.

Serene Ho said...

Thank you Busy Mummy for dropping by. Appreciate your each encouragement posted here :)