Friday, March 04, 2011


and that's what I've been doing for Jonathan.

When Jonathan was young during his early years between 1 and 5 years old, his frequent hospitalization has sort of taught me a few medical skills.

One being the chest physio.

While it's hard to watch what is done to our children who have special needs and going through pneumonia, this chest physio is vital to help get rid of the sticky phlegm that accumulates in the lungs whenever they lie down to much or not so active.

More so, during those times, I wanted to learn so that I could help him at home and avoid hospital stays.  As many of us moms and dads know that staying in hospital is so tiring, although medical care is at arm's reach.

Two weeks ago, Jonathan came down with the flu.  His lungs were quite noisy.  So besides the ventolin inhalant we had to administer, I was reminded to start chest physio.

Even though he's recovered, I still do it now.  Once when he wakes up in the morning and another during the afternoon.

This is how I chest physio.  I will cup one of my hands, as like a bowl shape.  Then turn him to one side.  Some therapists will put a towel over the side of the body where the lungs are (but I usually don't.)  Then i start patting.  After I have patted for a few minutes, I put both my hands over the side of the body.  When Jonathan exhales, I vibrate the lungs with my hands.  This is supposed to loosen the phlegm.  And the vibration is done only when Jonathan exhales (breath out).  I then repeat the other side of his body.

Normally for a child who doesn't know how to cough out the phlegm, suction is done.  But for Jonathan, he already knows how to cough.

I used to have to "feel" Jonathan's breathing.  But now, he's good at it and knows what to do whenever I administer the chest physio.  When I say "breath", he will inhale deeply and then exhales.

If you need to do this for your child and not sure what to do, there are some video clips on Youtube.  Just type in chest physio.  But the best thing is to still seek a doctor's or physiotherapist's help.

Wishing everyone healthy!

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