Monday, March 07, 2011


I'm running out of ribbons.  Actually I do have a tiny box of ribbons but they are old and outdated.  And I'm also out of Rick Racks.  So today, I went down to People's Park to get my stash of ribbons and while there, found some really cute and lovely wood and plastic buttons.

Rick Rack ribbons are my favourite!  I bought 8 colors at $0.40 / yard from a button shop there.

Beautiful swirl ribbons and flower lace

These buttons (below) were from another shop also at the same building.

Plastic flower buttons ($0.20/pc)

These wooden buttons range from $0.50 to $1.50

I also found these lovely roses from the same store at $5/yard.  I don't know what use that will be but I just decided to buy it because I don't know when I'll go back there again.

Here's another birthday card order.  I bought a quilling set many years ago and decided to take it out to decorate a birthday card.  I just layered a few colored cardstock, white being the base.  I used foam alphabets.  Kinda got stuck because the white part is a little sparse.  But Harith said it's ok to leave it as it is.  what do you think?

Here's a closeup:

{Note:  What is Quilling?  CLICK HERE}

What do I plan to do with all the "old" ribbons?  I thought I'd just lay them on a cardstock to make it into a ribbon pattern paper.  Hope it works out.  Will post it when I'm done.  That may take a while :) hee hee

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Wee said...

You can distress your lovely card !

Serene Ho said...

I'm a clean artist! I don't know yet how to distress properly. I should start practising.