Sunday, March 20, 2011


Jonathan had his appointment with Dr JWong, Neurologist at KK on Thursday 17th March.

This is what we did:
  1. Measured height - he has grown approximately 10cm from the last appointment about 1.5 years ago.
    I took him out of the buggy and made him stand while the Harith held his body, I put his feet down and the nurse took the measurement.  It was just a rough estimate.
  2. Took weight - not much has changed since the last appointment with the Dietitian
  3. Discussed about his motion sickness.  She said there are 2 possibilities for this.
    A)  Ear balance.  Inside our ears, there are little hairs that are swerved to one side.  If there is water or anything inside the ear, the hairs will start swerve too and fro and that causes ear imbalance and thus a person will feel giddy or nauseated.
    B)  It's the brain that makes him feel this way.
    She checked his ear and his ears were ok.  So point A is ruled out.  Something that we have to deal with each time we go out.
  4. She checked his spine, at the same time saying the Convaid Cruiser doesn't really give him good body support.  But proceed to ask if we had another better support chair with full support, which we do when we got it from Make A Wish Foundation (HERE).  This Convaid Rodeo gives a better support to Jonathan's body.
  5. A physiotherapist was present during our appointment so he checked Jonathan's legs and we talked about AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis).  I wanted to do another pair because he has outgrown the old pair made a few years back.  DrW suggested SMO (Supra-Malleolar Orthosis).  The PT mentioned that if I wanted to practice walking with the SMO, it will break easily because it's not meant for that type of exercise.  I will post more about this later with pictures of how we got Jonathan fitted with the AFO after he was seen by the Orthotist/Prothestist.
  6. We spoke about him leaving school.  DrW felt he should continue but then she said that the stress would be there for both of us.  She tried to find a way for us to get home therapy but the cost was way to high, stating that home therapy charges are now at least SGD150 per hour.  I intend to register him for therapy at the Society for the Physically Disabled at Tampines.  But right now I haven't done it yet.
That was about what we did for during our appointment.  We got our referral for Jonathan to get him fitted with the AFO/SMO and immediately there was a blank spot for the Orthotist to see us, which was great!  More about it in the next post.

For the record this time around, Jonathan did not throw up after we reach home.  Praise the Lord for that.

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Busy Mummy said...

Thank god for everything and hope that every appointment is an improvement and a greater blessing!!