Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I will sit with Jonathan on the mat, my legs crossed over his and I will take the time to exercise his brain.


I will give him a list of words to spell.  He's still good at sign spelling.  I will give him a choice of 2 sign language alphabets and he will touch the letter one by one.  For him, spelling is easy.  He's pretty good with consonant and vowel sounds, although he does make a mistake here and there with longer words.  Tribute to the Wheel of Fortune LOL.

Then I will give him some simple (really really simple) math problems to solve.  It's been a while since he's done that so I gave him this question:

You have 12 pencils and your friend borrowed 5.  How many do you have left?  Give him a choice of answers and he picks 7.

I'm thankful he can calculate mentally.  That's one of his strong points.

After all these, we will have short a short conversation.

Me:  Do you want to use the alphabet board to spell or talk?
Jon:  No
Me:  Do you want to use the communication program that Auntie Vicki gave?
Jon:  No
Me:  You prefer to use the sign language alphabets?
Jon:  Yes
Me:  Why?
Jon:  Because it is faster (given choices of answers)

He loves it when I sign a song, although my sign language is way below par.  haha.

I still haven't started him on the communication program that my friend passed to me.  And I haven't registered him for therapy yet.  But for now, it's standing for a short time once in a while.

Today, he caught a cold again.  Woke up last night at 4am and didn't go to sleep till almost 6am.  He was so tired today that his immunity just dropped and he started having lots of secretion.  But thankfully, he's able to sleep now.  Hopefully no more thunder and lightning to wake him up.

I'm still coughing and perhaps that's why he's caught it from me again.

Praying tomorrow will be better.  Thank you Lord!

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SCRAP-n-CROP said...

exercising the brain? cute!! ha ha...i can just imagine jon's cheeky face!