Saturday, February 02, 2008


My eldest sister loves to eat pomelo. The other my sis-in-law went marketing, decided to buy one for her since she's hosting our family's pre-CNY reunion dinner.

Well....I didn't like the plain looking pomelo. I told my s-i-l that I wll do some decorations.

H say usually people will paste a red piece of paper or ang pow on the pomelo. Well...I decided to go abit further than that. I went beyond further...haha. I used assorted ribbons, scrapbooking paper for the "fu" 福, shiny self-adhesive papers for flowers and "ji" 吉.'s my very "cheena" looking pomelo decorated to the core! haha


chowchow said...

Its so cute Serene. I must say that I have never seen a pomelo that resembled a small kid with a pony tail tied up on top of his head!!! LOL!!! Hilarious...

Jessy said...

Yeah, I totally agree with Michelle! That is the cutest looking pamelo I haven't seen! Great work :)