Friday, February 15, 2008


We bumped into 2 old friends today at Orchard Road. Not that they are old as in age but friends we got to know many years ago.

One is a lady who's in the sales line. Alot of free time if she's not working. She's her own boss. Yet, within that short span of 5 minutes that we chatted, I get the impression that she is bored. Said when she's free, just "hang kai", "jalan jalan", go shopping. She looked very "sian"...bored...

She told us I have a child to take care and she doesn't so she has a lot of time to spare that's why everyday, go jalan jalan. I wanted to suggest scrapbooking..haha! But stopped myself before I went on.

Then after lunch we met a guy who is a professional. Also within 5 minutes, we parted. He had to rush...probably to a meeting. He worked around Orchard Road but didn't seem too keen about working around that vicinity. Gave us a grunting looking face and said he had to rush.

How odd...meeting 2 people with different reactions to life. I used to be like this once before Jonathan was born. My outlook after 1997 changed completely. happened to us. People deal with situations differently. So who am I to judge?

But we shall continue to Praise Abba Father everyday for all that's happening around us. My prayer is for Him to watch over the 2 old friends we bumped into today and bless them in everything they do. Pray that they will find happiness and joy in whatever they are doing and experiencing in life.

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