Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Jonathan celebrated his 11th birthday today in school. It was dejavu for me. Him being born on the same day as Chinese New Year eve. Not something I would like to remember.

It has come full circle. His birthday today is also on CNY eve. Chinese calendar, he is 12yo.

I cried today when nobody was around. There were a lot of "If Only-s". But then again, what good would it have done? Might as well just enjoy the 'now' than 'then'.

Jonathan knew it was his birthday. He was excited. Told us he wanted a big cake. So I went online, put him on my lap and let him choose the design of the cake. He didn't want any cartoon characters. Just a cake with a design meant for boys. He was happy about his choice.

I'm happy that H was around. Actually he's always around for Jonathan's birthday. He always makes a point to take leave for this.

Notice the cake says "Jonathan's Happy 11st Birthday". That wasn't what I asked them to write. H collected the cake but all of us didn't notice the error! hahaha! I only noticed it when I uploaded the pictures. It doesn't matter. What matters is that the cake is edible!!

So there it was, his birthday celebration in school. The classmates sang birthday song, held Jonathan's hands so he won't slap the cake and had a good time. Each kid had 2 servings. Jonathan had a taste and we had enough to distribute to his therapists.

"Happy Birthday Jonathan. Mummy and Daddy love you very much, especially Abba Father who love you the most!"

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