Thursday, March 20, 2008


Jonathan had his dental appointment today, almost one year after his GA cleaning. We had to change the appointment a few times cos of different reasons. usual, I didn't want to tell him until the last minute cos I didn't want him to be nervous.

He was :( When he saw the dentist, his mouth started quivering and his teeth chattering. Refused to open his mouth...a fault of mine actually. Because he doesn't eat by mouth, whenever it comes to touching his teeth, his mouth becomes sensitive.

But the plus side is that he allows me to clean the outside of his teeth which has been well maintained. So with the last GA clean, they did whatever they could to patch, clean thoroughly and put a sealant on all the teeth.

So far, dentist say it seems ok but she wanted to see his baby molars. She said whenever I check his teeth, just to make sure that when the molars turn pink, that means they are about to drop. Since Jonathan is 11 yo now, his molars might drop any time. But because he doesn't chew a lot, they may take a longer time to drop. I just have to observe.

The thing now is to desensitize his mouth. Use a battery operated toothbrush and stimulate his mouth, gums and surroundings so that he will open his mouth for us.

Today's episode was another experience. He just refused to open and clenched his teeth really tight. And also, because of his bad experience with the tongue depressor at a GP clinic, he has the fear of opening his mouth. But in the end, he was willing to open a teeny weeny bit without us using the wedgy and dentist was able to see a little. She's a very patient and nice dentist.

She recommended that the next GA clean will probably be in 2 years time.

Lord, help Jonathan to stop being fearful and help him to overcome this and open his mouth and remind me to exercise his mouth and stimulate it regularly. Amen!!!

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