Saturday, March 08, 2008


All these years, my family has been receiving blessings from family members and friends. Be it monetary or gifts.

I have never really thanked our family for all that they have done for us.

Now....Thank you mom!; big bro; big sis all the way to 5th sis; youngest bro and Jon's cousins for all your emotional, financial and prayer support! You are always buying things for Jon and much more. Thank you so much!

To my big sis n bro-in-law. God bless you in your tour business. If anyone is reading my blog, go to They have the best hotel rates for Malaysia and around the world and special package tours too!

Thank you TC Molly and family and also H's family for your love for us.

I also want to thank my friends from my ex-workplace for your encouragements and support. To Janice, Joanna, Jackie, Michele Minjoot, Aunty Rosie, Aunty Nancy.

Today, I received a big package from my friend (aka boss) of Scrap-n-Crop too. Besides my order, she put in many "extras" for me. Another friend from KL also gave me some supplies. Scrapbooking materials are expensive and yet they are so generous! It was certainly a big surprise to me! RAKs from scrapbooking! Meaning? Scrap more! haha! But seriously....thanks! So...let me give a plug to Scrap-n-Crop. Their prices are lower than others around the world! SO SHOP THERE!

Most of all....thank you Abba Father for everything. Without you, I can do nothing!

John 15: 7
"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you."

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