Tuesday, March 04, 2008


February has come and gone. It wasn't a good February for Jonathan. Started falling sick right after CNY and after recovering from one, another attack came. From allergy flu to stomach flu, it wasn't pleasant for Jonathan. Sleepless nights and all. We have missed school the whole month and next week is already the school holidays.

But thank God the episodes are over. He's recovering from the stomach flu that saw him retching and while throwing up, biting his lower right lip until it was swollen and now has ulcers forming in the inner lip.

But as usual, through it all, he was a wonderful and good boy. Didn't whine, didn't make a big fuss and quietly allowed me to administer medication to his mouth even though it hurt really bad.

It's time to take stock of his food intake. Re-evaluate the vitamins and all the supplements.

Lord....let Your protection continually be over Jonathan and give me wisdom to take care of him even better than before....

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