Monday, March 10, 2008


Scrap-n-Crop is having a challenge. I'm not eligible for the prize but decided to do one as a way to challenge my self. It's a very interesting challenge. The host gave us up to 26th March to complete and it was good for me. My design (above) is simple so I finished early.

I decided to use black because most of the items I used are brightly colored and I wanted them to stand out. I also thought using Jonathan's communication cards (Picture Exchange Cards, PEC) to make a journal since it's different.

Check out
The BINGO challenge is thought up by my friend Liza (DT of SnC)

My take:
1) Use any type of paint
2) Use 3 different lengths of ribbons
3) Put journal

Materials used:
Bazzill Cardstock as base (black) / MM Blueberry Paint / Chipboard / HP Photosmart Printer / SnC & S.E.I. Ribbons

Jonathan initially said "not nice" cos it was in black. But after I added the borders and all the other elements, he took a long time to decide that it was nice...haha! so cute.

I enjoyed doing this. Maybe on a more ambitious project later. But for now...back to my other more LOs for me for this week.

Here are more pictures:

Journal words: "I use communication aid to talk and sign language to spell".


Yu'er said...

Thank you for uploading my pics and wonderful layout!

Anonymous said...

nice one...

Miss you and Jon..

Penelope Gan said...

lovely serene ... missing you and Jon!