Saturday, March 29, 2008


Tonight I attended SCAS' annual dinner and dance. Theme was One Night in Shanghai. Teachers and Therapists performed and a special dance group was there.

Teacher C was so nice as to reserve a seat for me at her table, although I already had a seat for me somewhere else. I enjoyed myself cos I had great company.

Lucky draws are always a draw to many included...heh heh. Our table was quite "heng"..haha! Out of 10, 8 of us got our gifts, sadly Teacher C didn't get hers :(. The other was Nicole.

We were all gunning for the top prize....LCD screen. But when it came to the last 10 prizes, it was only Teacher C, myself and Nicole. then, to Teacher C and myself, anything will do!! haha.

The 9th prize was a Karcher vacuum cleaner. My number was 0223. When the MC called 022, one of the teachers turned to me and said "do you need this?" and immediately, the number "3!" was called. All of us burst out laughing! It was so coincidental. Well...I believe it's God's blessing!

Thank you Lord for the gift. It's time to change my vacuum cleaner.


Nicole said...

Hey, thank God for His provision! Ya, it was a fun nite, esp for the heavy weights! haha! I'm ok with not getting anything, all that i needed He has provided.

Serene Ho said...