Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm really edgy about Jonathan's health lately. Not that he's been sick. Just that I think he needs more than what he's taking now ie goat milk. Ever since the last few days of puffy eyes, he seems to be tired. Maybe it's the allergy medication ... I just don't know.

I'm thinking of getting him another leave of absence from school. Don't know if this will help but at least it will help me sort this out without having to worry about him missing school or "what should I tell teacher now?".

And I'm really thankful for his teacher LK. She's been really encouraging and I get boosted up each time I talk to her. But then after I leave school, it's back to square one for me and I'm lost as to what I should do. Where should I start?

I'm thinking ... I need to cook nutritious food for Jonathan. But then again ... I don't know how. I need to take his nutrition seriously. I better make another appointment with his nutritionist at KK hospital. It's been almost a year or more since we last saw her. He needs a review.

Jonathan is growing and he needs more than what he's taking now.

I need your wisdom Lord...

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